Dufay: Missa Ave Regina Celorum

Reine du Ciel
Dufay: Missa Ave Regina Celorum
Diabolus in Musica - Antoine Guerber
Bayard Musique 308 611

The repertory is among the most interesting to me, being Dufay's final mass setting plus related motets. Both the mass cycle & polytextual motet (i.e. the one on which the former is based) are among Dufay's most personal as well. So this is a great program, performing irreplaceable works of the period....

But considering the context, i.e. so many great interpretations of Franco-Flemish polyphony appearing of late, not to mention so much work in this arena (including for Dufay specifically...) by this particular ensemble (including their own more satisfying recent Requiem disc), I'm actually finding this rendition to be a little disappointing. It's still the best for this mass... but isn't as polished as some other recent items. (The plainchant comes off relatively more powerfully, actually.) So perhaps that's a strange response.

In any case, the result is still a good (& conceptually sound) reading of excellent music. And actually among the easiest choices for this list! In other words, I guess, not every worthwhile album can be a new landmark....

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 27 April 2021