Die Schicksalsballaden des Codex Chantilly

Fortune Obscure
Die Schicksalsballaden des Codex Chantilly
Fortuna Canta
Conditura Records 011

This album was apparently released only in Germany, and at this point, I have only a downloaded version. (In the future, maybe there will be only downloaded versions for some of these items? So I'm trying to be flexible....) I also didn't notice until it was more than a year old, and so it didn't get reviewed here....

That was my loss.

This is a great program, and the renditions are really growing on me. The opener, with the piercing nightingale song on flute, seems to begin rather abruptly — almost as if already in motion — but the program goes on to some great contemplative heights, in some of the most compelling repertory of the period. Interpretations are generally one-to-a-part, voice & instruments, and excellent in both tuning & phrasing (which do go together).

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 27 February 2021