Josquin: Missa Sine nomine / Missa Ad fugam

Josquin: Missa Sine nomine / Missa Ad fugam
The Tallis Scholars - Peter Phillips
Gimell 039

I did not enjoy the approach the Tallis Scholars took in their earlier Josquin recordings, but in this case, they are very much aligned with more recent scholarship on how this music is constructed. Indeed, this is a very strong performance, and I welcome their continued efforts in this area.

The music was rather poorly known prior to this, but ends up being rather compelling to me. This is rather appealing polyphony, especially the Missa Sine nomine, and so an easy choice for this list. (It's been suggested that the Missa Ad fugam might not be by Josquin at all, as that composer's output continues to be reviewed in scholarly circles. I should also add that it's probably best to resist the temptation to judge a piece by whether it's "really" by a famous composer or not.)

This recording continues to impress, and was named my EM Record of the Year for 2008.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 29 January 2013