Dufay: Complete Motets

Dufay: Motets
Cantica Symphonia - Giuseppe Maletto
Vol. 1: Glossa 31902
Vol. 2: Glossa 31904

I have recently decided to list this set under the secular list, given that every other program on the sacred list revolves around clearly liturgical music.

As I have said regarding the previous recitals of Dufay's isorhythmic motets listed here, they are irreplaceable works. Not only are they of supreme historical interest for the medievalist, but they are extremely enjoyable on an individual level. Adding the other material to this set only raises the interest level.

This performance continues to be extremely similar in style to earlier ones by Helga Weber and the Huelgas Ensemble. It's a large group, instruments prominently featured including some doublings, and in this case a little more energy. I would classify this performance as very much a summation of work done by previous performers, and not a new approach.

This all adds up to being a very valuable set.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 20 November 2009