Obrecht: Missa Si dedero / Missa Pfauenschwanz

Obrecht: Missa Si dedero / Missa Pfauenschwanz
Ars Nova Secunda Chorus - János Bali
Hungaroton 31946

This was the second release in ANS's Obrecht series, and this time turns to some of Obrecht's most abstract music. These remain two of the most imposing masses in his output, and so this interpretation is increasingly a classic, even as performance practice moves along in the intervening decades. The prior remarks:

Although the interpretation builds directly on the previous disc, and so does not have the same freshness, it is nonetheless well-considered and compelling. The masses themselves are more difficult, and ultimately the combination is electric. While the Missa Si dedero can seem ponderous and requires a view of the whole structure to really appreciate, the Missa Pfauenschwanz is more immediately appealing for its dance-like qualities.

This disc was named my EM Record of the Year for 2000, and continues to be one of the most striking Obrecht albums, particularly for its program.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 21 January 2018