Obrecht: Masses Fors seulement, De tous biens playne, Cela sans plus

Obrecht: Missa Fors seulement / Missa De tous biens playne / Missa Cela sans plus
A:N:S Chorus - János Bali
Hungaroton 32319

This Obrecht disc continues to present distinctive points of interest. The 3-voice settings have different characters from the previously recorded Obrecht cycles. The title tunes are quite ubiquitous. The Cela sans plus setting takes on some character of a parody mass, and is generally considered to be one of Obrecht's final settings.

The performance continues to be excellent, and in fact, the lighter touch the A:N:S Chorus achieves in the 3-voice settings is a welcome development.

All told, while this program cannot rival the newness & excitement of the early items in the series, it does yield more interesting music well-performed. It's amazing to think that so much of this music languished unrecorded until now.

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Todd M. McComb