La Rue: Missa Ave Maria / Vespers

La Rue: Missa Ave Maria / Vespers
Capilla Flamenca - Dirk Snellings
Musique en Wallonie 0633

This is one of the more interesting La Rue programs to date, including some very compelling motets to go along with the mass as the main item. In particular, while not amongst the very most interesting of La Rue's mass cycles, the Missa Ave Maria does appear to occupy a pivotal place in the development of his oeuvre. From here on out, he seems to securely devote himself to artistic exploration without any particular financial concerns. This mass also survives complete in 14 sources, the most full sources for La Rue's masses.

Capilla Flamenca has produced the most recordings of La Rue's masses, and continues to be an excellent exponent for the composer. This is their best performance to date, in part because the articulation is a little more emphatic than some, and in part because the program contains more polyphony than some of their more chant-oriented renditions.

For many readers, this might be the best album — that or its various reissues — with which to begin an exploration of La Rue's sacred music.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 19 September 2016