13th century motets

Music at the Time of Notre-Dame in Paris
Visse / Mentzel / Brownless / Mason / Clemencic Consort - René Clemencic
Stradivarius Dulcimer 33398

This is a valuable addition to the discography of the 13th century motet, illustrating some well-chosen repertory items. It is particularly stimulating for the way it illustrates the development of the clausula as it is built into motets of an increasing number of voices. The progression in the program is quite worthwhile on this basis, along with containing a high percentage of very fine pieces.

The performance is a little rough in sonority, but very emphatic and well-articulated. It continues to grow on me. It is extremely lucid, yet with a great deal of energy, making it an easy choice.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 1 December 1998