Tristan et Yseut

Tristan et Yseut
Alla Francesca - Brigitte Lesne & Pierre Hamon
Zig-Zag Territoires 051002

This is a very accomplished & enjoyable presentation of the monophonic lai repertory of the 13th century. Comparison with Machaut is instructive.

Indeed, the lai repertory has received more specific attention recently, and this is one of the most compelling & coherent programs. Whereas there is something truly electric about Machaut's output in this form, a major thematic example of the precedents is also very valuable, making this program an easy choice to recommend.

Alla Francesca has been involved extensively with this repertory, from one angle or another, and here is a fine opportunity to gather their experiences into a single program from the Tristan manuscript. The resulting is both elegant & convincing, as well as enjoyable throughout.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 23 December 2006