Adam de la Halle: D'amoureus cuer voel chanter

Adam de la Halle: D'amoureus cuer voel chanter
Le Jardin de Courtoisie - Anne Delafosse Quentin
Zig-Zag Territoires 070401

This program & performance have a much more intimate character than the Micrologus recording, making for a nicely contrasting look at Adam de la Halle.

One thing the two performances certainly share is a creative approach to accompaniment, and in this case melody as well. The performers have used their instincts to create some melodic sections & interludes, perhaps resolving conflicts in different sources, generally to good effect. There are some times when the result is a bit too drawn-out for my tastes, but again coming back to the notion of "intimacy," this mood is captured well.

It is the longer, less rhythmic songs where this approach makes its best contribution to the overall trouvère discography.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 14 January 2008