Morality & Listening appendix Bibliography: 2015-2020

This is both an open-ended bibliography & intended specifically (originally) for two articles that function as appendices to the Fortune & Familiarity series.

Please see the Fortune & Familiarity series bibliography as an introduction to this bibliography. In other words, the present bibliography supplements that earlier listing, and items will not be duplicated between them. Similar statements of purpose apply.

The following two articles were originally associated with this listing:

At that point, the page remained open-ended, and I continued to add items for potential (& then actual) future purposes — or (perhaps) simply to let readers know of new titles that might seem worthwhile. The first section below, however, gives the bibliography at the time of finishing Practical listening (section 5). Later items will be placed in sections that follow.

Supplementary bibliography through March 2016

Supplementary bibliography through October 2016

The second listing here, just above, was current as of the first two supplementary sections to Practical listening:

And now I start to add new items subsequent to that, with no particular purpose in mind at the moment....

Supplementary bibliography from 2017 onward

At this point, I wrote the Basic Mechanics series.... (I note that there is not yet an item published in 2017 above, but that will soon change below.) And since I seem to continue interrupting this bibliography anyway, from here it will proceed chronologically (by when I read something) rather than alphabetically....

At this point I wrote:


Then Concepts of contemporary religion...

& 9. Religious inclinations...
(with articles named here now only subsequent to their new bibliographic entries, meaning that subsequent entries were not involved in preparing to write PL9, etc.).

Finally, Postmodern Aesthetics.

I intend to devote less time to writing large theoretical tracts going forward, but I do already have more books lined up to read.... (We'll see how that actually goes in practice. I had intended to spend much less time writing large-scale texts after Spring 2016, after all, and that didn't really happen.)
So, continuing....

Continuing, Concepts of contemporary history....

And to complete both the arc of Postmodern Aesthetics & the Practical listening series... then, 10. Decolonizing technology.

This bibliography is now complete. For further listings, see the next bibliography (beginning in late 2020, where this page ends...).

Hopefully these listings will (still) be useful.

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Todd M. McComb
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