MM&A: Performance Fellowships

This is the place to update information about the fellowships being offered here. The initial announcement is reproduced first, followed by any subsequent (dated) updates.

Thank you for your interest.

The Medieval Music & Arts Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of a very limited number of $3000 (USD) fellowships. If you are reading this space, you probably have a good idea of the sort of project likely to appeal. The intent of a fellowship is to defray costs of a performance tour and/or recording project. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so the tax rules for the stipend will follow that standard. Please let me (Todd) know if you have a proposal. (At this moment, I am especially interested in hearing from Latin America, but that's certainly not an exclusive interest.)

10 June 2014

I had actually put off posting this, because I was concerned about getting too many inquiries, and having the time to manage them. However, there seems to be little interest, which surprises me. I guess I need to do a better job advertising, but I also don't want to be suddenly overwhelmed with inquiries, especially about projects that don't interest me. So this is one reason I continue to be apprehensive about advertising this opportunity more widely However, I'd like to let some musicians make use of this money.

9 July 2014

Jeff Shurdut (guitar, amp, percussion, pots, pans, tupperware, mics) is renting a kitchen in New York to have a concert with Guillermo Gregorio (reeds, sounds, percussion), Lukas Ligeti (percussion), Frode Gjerstad (reeds), Kevin Shea (percussion, tape), Marcus Cummins (soprano saxophone), Brian Osborne (tapes, electronics, mics, percussion, homemade instruments), and contributions by Mr. Dorgon. Please join them in the intimate setting of KitchenNYC, 306 W 51st St, October 20, 7pm to 10pm. Very limited space; please contact for more info.

The concert poster is here (and will probably be removed from this site, for space reasons, once it's over). Possible followup to come.

16 September 2014

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