Medieval & Renaissance Recordings of the Year(s)

As opposed to other pages in this section, these are not edited over time. They represent, for better or worse, a snapshot of my views at the end of each year. The criteria have changed somewhat from year to year, but there should be a general consistency.

Yearly write-ups

As the 2014 writeup discusses below, this specific feature (or format) ran its course. Much of the former content was still available via the Remarks on Recent Recordings page, though. But in 2021, I then restarted — in a more compact format (now above this break).

The 1994 listing is particularly abbreviated, and while it is tempting to go back to previous years and choose retrospective favorites, I was not making any sort of announcement at the time, so it would seem even more presumptuous now. The earliest three have been HTML-ized from original Usenet posts, inaugurating this web version with the 1997 awards.

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