Feldman: Piano and String Quartet

Feldman: Piano and String Quartet
Vicki Ray / Eclipse Quartet
Bridge 9369


  1. Piano and String Quartet (1985)

Performers: Vicki Ray (piano); Sarah Thornblade (violin), Sara Parkins (violin), Alma Lisa Fernandez (viola), Maggie Parkins (cello)

Playing time: 79'

Recording date: February 2011 (Los Angeles); released: 2011

This recording was just being released while I was in the process of beginning my Feldman page (December 2011), so it's very much of the same generation. This is the fourth recording, and that by the dedicatees, Aki Takahashi & the Kronos Quartet, is still available. As noted in the main writeup, I do like updated interpretations, and enjoy this one. I guess I have nothing too insightful to say here, except perhaps that this seems like a relatively straightforward piece & interpretation.

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Todd M. McComb