Egypt - Tarek Abdallah

Wasla: Suites musicales égyptiennes
Tarek Abdallah / Adel Shams El-Din
Buda Musique 4704634


    I. Wasla Bayyati
  1. Ni Sama'i ni qadim
  2. Wasla
  3. Prélude Shams
  4. Taqasim Bayyati
  5. Istihilal Bayyati
  6. Walli Gai

  7. II. Wasla Rast
  8. Sama'i Rast
  9. Khush-Rank
  10. Prélude Madad
  11. Taqasim Rast
  12. Longa Rast

  13. III. Wasla Sikah
  14. Waslitna

Performers: Tarek Abdallah (oud), Adel Shams El-Din (riqq)

Playing time: 60'09"

Recording date: 2014 (unknown); released: 2015

Music is by Tarek Abdallah, the first suite based on traditional forms, and the second on material of Mohammed al-Qasabgi.

According to the label website: "Born in Alexandria in 1975, Tarek Abdallah is a composer and interpretor who draws his inspiration from the golden age of Egyptian art of solo oud (1910-1930) — which is also the main focus of his musicology research work at the University of Lyon."

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