Aïcha Redouane - Maqâm d'Amour

Maqâm d'Amour
Aïcha Redouane / Ensemble al-Adwâr
Le Chant du Monde 274 2024


  1. Cheminement / Masûr
  2. Salut à Salmâ / Salâmun 'alâ Salmâ
  3. Souffle / Nafas
  4. Ma coupe, mon vin / Ka'sîwa-khamrî
  5. Commensaux / Nudmân
  6. Ô aimé de mon coeur / Yâ habîb al-qalb
  7. De deux amours je t'aime / Uhibbuka hubbayn
  8. Faible est ma provision / Wa tâdî qalîlun
  9. Mon repos / Râhatî
  10. Oh, aie pitié / Wârahmatâ
  11. Ô ma joie / Yâ surûrî

Performers: Aïcha Redouane (voice, daff), Habib Yammine (riqq, daff, voice), Salah el-Din Mohamed (qânûn, voice), Nabil Abdemouleh (nây, daff, voice), Safwan Kenani (kamân, daff, voice)

Playing time: 71'44"

Recording date: unknown; released: 2011

It's amazing to think how long it has been since Aïcha Redouane's first two recordings, since they made such a strong impression. This item does not give any indication of recording date, but does mention gathering this material in the late 1990s. Perhaps it dates from the same period as her other recordings, although the sound is updated and the graphics are modern.

The program is oriented around poetry by the female Sufi saint Rãbi'a Al-'Adawiyya (8th century). As such, it differs from the other recitals in terms of going farther afield for material. It's also not oriented around Wasla-type suites, and even opens with an extended percussion solo. Redouane's voice here is particularly incisive, even piercing, at times.

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T. M. McComb