VI. Kraton Surakarta

Gamelan of Central Java
VI. Kraton Surakarta
Musicians of STSI and Kraton Surakarta
Felmay / Dunya 8103


  1. Gendhing bonang "Danaraja" (slendro sanga)
  2. Gendhing "Kombang Mara" (pelog lima)
  3. Gendhing "Tukung" (pelong barang)

Performers: Nyi Cendaniraras (pesindhen), musicians of STSI and Kraton Surakarta

Instruments: Gamelans Kjahi Kaduk Manis ("Extraordinarily Sweet", pelog) & Kjahi Manis Rengga ("Sweet in Ornament", slendro)

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: May 2004 (Kraton Surakarta)

The second & third tracks of this recording intentionally copy the contents and recording location of the classic LP, Philips 831 209 PY.

The pieces on this recording form something of a common thread for this entire series, being repeated in different guises in the different programs.

This recording has the most seductive gamelan sound to be featured on the list, although the non-studio authenticity of the setting does include some environmental noises.

For a bigger sound on an older recording, there is the Klenegan session on WML.

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T. M. McComb