XIII. Pangkur Two

Gamelan of Central Java
XIII. Pangkur Two
Gadhon Ensemble ISI
Felmay / Dunya 8167


  1. Macapat "Pangkur Paripurna" (slendro sanga)
  2. Ladrang "Pangkur" (slendro manyura)
  3. Ladrang "Pangkur" (slendro)
  4. Ketawang "Pangkur Paripurna" (slendro sanga)
  5. Macapat "Pangkur Kasmaran" (pelog nem)
  6. Ketawang "Pangkur Ngrenas" (pelog lima)
  7. Macapat "Pangkur Dhudha Kasmaran" (slendro sanga miring)
  8. Ketawang "Pangkur Dhudha Kasmaran" (slendro sanga)
  9. Macapat "Pangkur Nyamat Mas" (pelog nem)
  10. Ketawang "Pangkur Nyamat Mas" (pelog nem)

Performers: Darsono (wiraswara), Sri Suparsih (pesindhen), Yayuk Sri Rahayu (pesindhen); Gadhon Ensemble ISI - Al Suwardi, Darno, Joko Purwanto, Ibu Pringgo Hadiwiyono, Prasadiyanto, Sriharto, Sukamso, Supardi, Suraji, Suyadi, Wakijo; Gadhon Ensemble Pak Prapto

Playing time: 73'

Recording dates: June 1995 (track #3, Yogyakarta), September 2008, August 2009 (Surakarta); released: 2010

This volume of Pangkur settings focuses on smaller ensembles and includes sung versions of the macapat poetry on which they are based. This is easily one of the most interesting releases of this series.

A couple of earlier recordings featuring macapat, previously on my main list:

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