Syria - Muhammad Qadri Dalal

Syria - Maqâmat insolites
Muhammad Qadri Dalal
Naïve Inedit W 260105


  1. Maqâm husayni
  2. Maqâm nakriz
  3. Maqâm bastah nkâr
  4. Maqâm kurd `atar
  5. Maqâm dil nishîn
  6. Maqâm nawâ
  7. Maqâm mâhûr
  8. Maqâm shi`âr
  9. Maqâm huzâm
  10. Tarkîb jdîd

Playing time: 69'26"

Recording date: April 2001 (France)

The final track is an original composition based upon the motivic style developed in the nine improvisations on known modes. Muhammad Qadri Dalal's motivic style is a departure for Arabic classical music.

Note the appearance of modes associated with Persian classical music, and maybe even Indian. More remarks forthcoming.

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T. M. McComb