Ali Jihad Racy - Mystical Legacies

Mystical Legacies
Ali Jihad Racy performers music of the Middle East
Lyrichord 7437


  1. Sufi Medley
  2. Taqasim and Sama'i Bayyati al-'Aryan
  3. Moorish impressions
  4. Taqasim and Sama'i Nahawand Racy
  5. Themes of Yearning
  6. Strumming Magic
  7. Enchanting Beauty
  8. Taqasim Hijaz
  9. Sabá Medley
  10. Breeze of Nostalgia

Performers: Ali Jihad Racy (nay, 'ud, buzuq, bowed tanbur), Souhail Kaspar (tar, riqq, mazhar, tablah)

Playing time: 57'11"

Recording date: 1993 (Los Angeles)

This recording has nice moments, but the various pieces are so short & varied, that it does not have the typical improvisational character of Arabic classical music. This is unfortunate, since Ali Jihad Racy's skill & knowledge are unquestioned. The tracks are extracts from a live concert.

As such, his previous album is certainly preferred.

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T. M. McComb