The Tradition of Dhrupad on Rudravina - 2
Bahauddin Dagar
Ragas Kanakangi, Ragvardhani
Makar Records 033


    Raga Kanakangi
  1. Alap (28'39)
  2. Jor (15'02)
  3. Jhala (8'08)
  4. Raga Ragvardhani - Alap (18'04)

Playing time: 70'00

Production date: 1998

These are Carnatic melakarta ragas, adapted unusually for Hindustani music by Z.M. Dagar.

The rendition here by Bahauddin Dagar shows better command throughout, compared to his earlier recital, to the point that one really does think of Z.M. Dagar himself. It is exciting to see this development in the 28 year-old musician, and I certainly find myself more enthusiastic about his work. The choice of ragas here is both a strength & weakness, in terms of the unusualness and lack of comparision available, but also because of the tie-in to Carnatic music, in which I have a great deal of interest.

Performances are unaccompanied throughout.

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T. M. McComb