Chen Leiji

Recueil de l'Ermitage du prunus
Chen Leiji
Ocora (Radio France) C 560175


  1. Guanshan yue - "The Moon on the Pass and the Mountains"
  2. Qiu Feng ci - "Poem of the Autumn Wind"
  3. Jile yin - "Perfect Joy"
  4. Feng qiu huang - "Seduction"
  5. Qiu ye chang - "The Autumn Night is Long"
  6. Yulou chunxiao - "The Spring Dawn under the Jade Pavilion"
  7. Fenglei yin - "Prelude of Wind and Thunder"
  8. Qiu jiang ye bo - "Mooring by Night on the Autumn River"
  9. Changmen yuan - "Lamentation in the Women's Palace"
  10. Pingsha luoyan - "Geese Landing on the Beach"
  11. Shitan zhang - "Verses on the Siddham"
  12. Xia xian you - "Voyage with the Immortal"
  13. Dao yi - "Beating Clothes"
  14. Saoshou wen tian - "Questioning the Heavens and Scratching Your Head"

Additional performer: François Picard (xiao, tracks #1-4)

Playing time: 73'

Recording date: February 1990 (Paris)

Chen Leiji (b.1967) is a student of Gong Yi, and is partially credited with establishing the qin as a concert instrument. This program consists of the Zucheng school qin book, Mei'an qinpu, published in 1931. This was the last published qin book prior to the instrument's suppression with the cultural revolution. It was transcribed for this performance by François Picard.

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