Syria - Wajd Ensemble

Musiques d'Alep
Wajd Ensemble - Tarek Alsayed Yahya
Outhere Music 685


  1. Saz samaisi muhayyer kurdi (Sadi Isilay)
  2. Hibbi Zurni (Darwish Alhariri)
  3. Ya Gazal (Zuhair Mnini)
  4. Lam Yakon Hajri (Abdulkader Hajar)
  5. Qanun Improvisation (Youssef Nassif)
  6. Ya Naesa Alajfann (Omar Batsh)
  7. Dhal Ahyafo Almojab (Omar Batsh)
  8. Khadouka Alnadi (Omar Batsh)
  9. Ya Nasmtan men souadi
  10. Alouyoun Alnarjisea
  11. Oud Improvisation (Tarek Alsayed Yahya)
  12. Haya Wa Nadim
  13. Ader Rahaty
  14. Dhikr
  15. Wa Alish
  16. Qamaron
  17. Qudoud Hijaz
    Ney Improvisation (Tammam Alramadan)

Performers: Khaled Alhafez (vocals, percussion), Tammam Alramadan (ney, vocals), Youssef Nassif (qanun, vocals), Fawaz Baker (double bass, vocals), Tarek Alsayed Yahya (oud, vocals)

Playing time: 67'12"

Recording date: January 2016 (Belgium); released: 2016

The Wajd ensemble was formed in Syria in 2009 by five musicians who later became refugees in Belgium. The program includes what are described as "lesser-known vocal and instrumental genres" added to more traditional pieces, and features a Sufi emphasis. Aleppo is portrayed in the brief liner notes as a major crossroads for Sufism, an emphasis reflected in the ensemble's style. (#14 is a riveting track in that context, and the longest on the album.)

Unattributed pieces above are labeled as "traditional."

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T. M. McComb