The Senior Dagar Brothers
Mohinuddin & Aminuddin Dagar
w/ Purushottam Das (pakhawaj), Mahesh Mishra (sarangi)
Raga Todi in Concert - Calcutta 1957
Raga Records 220


    Raga Todi
  1. alap (53'41)
  2. dhrupad - chautal (13'44)
  3. dhamar (8'54)

Sound quality: generally good (remastered professionally, few passages showing distortion; dhrupad proper strangely quiet)

Playing time: 76'23

Recording date: June 8, 1957 (Calcutta, Bharatiya Sanskriti Samsad)

This is the first volume in what is to be a series of archival releases.

It can very sensibly be compared to the recording of the same material by the Younger Dagar Brothers (who were, perhaps paradoxically, ~20 years older at the time of their recording than the present brothers were at the time of this one).

Another recording on this label:

Senior Dagar Brothers: Live at Calcutta
Ragas Bihag, Kamboji, Malkosh
Raga Records 221 A/B (2 CDs)

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T. M. McComb