M. S. Subbulakshmi - Live at Carnegie Hall
w/ Radha Viswanathan (vocal support), A.K.S. Alagiriswami (violin), Guruvayur Dorai (mridangam)
EMI India CDNF 147808-09 (2 CDs)


  1. Shri Maha Ganapati - Gowla/Misra Chapu - Muthuswami Dikshitar (7'12)
  2. Vandeham - Hamsadhwani/Khanda Chapu - Annamacharya (5'12)
  3. Sobillu Saptaswara - Jaganmohini/Rupakam - Thyagaraja (8'15)
  4. Rama Rama Gunaseema - Simhendramadhyamam/Adi - Swati Tirunal (23'29)
  5. Narayana - Suddha Dhanyasi/Khanda Chapu - Purandaradasa (5'19)
    Alapana - Kambodhi (6'59)
  6. Devi Brova - Chintamani/Adi - Syama Sastri (7'40)
  7. Marathi Abhang: Bare Panduranga - Composer: Sant Thukaram (3'33)
  1. Muruga Muruga - Saveri/Misra Chapu - Periasami Thooran (5'17)
  2. Alapana - Kambodhi (4'01)
  3. Oh Ranga Sayee - Kambodhi/Adi - Thyagaraja (23'19)
  4. Ikanaina - Pushpalatika/Adi - Tirupati Narayanaswami (8'47)
  5. Bhajan: Hey Govinda - Composer: Surdas (5'05)
  6. Petra Thai Thanai - Composer: Ramalingaswami (2'09)
    Arar Asai Padar - Composer: Muthu Thandavar (4'20)
  7. Hey Govinda - Composer: Indira Devi (4'18)
  8. Kandu Kandu - Composer: Poonthanam (3'50)
  9. Benediction: Maithreem Bhajatha - Composer: Kavikokila Dr. V. Raghavan (2'32)

Sound quality: very good (some applause noise at the end of songs, but excellent otherwise)

Recording date: not given; CD re-issue: 1998

This is the other landmark set from M.S. Subbulakshmi, together with her United Nations recital. It is good to see this appear on CD, and here there is more material of musical merit than on the more ambassador-like UN recital.

The track breaks in this issue are rather crazy. For one, applause is cut off immediately, which is fine, but then the next song starts without a pause. Also, tracks are labeled incorrectly and the program is chopped up to fit on CDs. Track #5 of CD1 contains an alapana for "Oh Ranga Sayee" immediately following the Suddha Dhanyasi kirtana, which then continues with the violinist's version on CD2 track #2. There are 10 tracks listed in the contents for CD2, but only nine on disc, with track #6 together as shown.

I don't know why the people putting out these CDs cannot take more pride in their work... I mean... what is so hard about getting the tracks right? Anyway, I am still glad to have it, and should not imply otherwise.

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T. M. McComb