M. S. Subbulakshmi
Live Recording at the United Nations on 23.10.1966
w/ Radha Viswanathan (vocal support), V.V. Subramanian (violin), T.K. Moorthy (mridangam), T.H. Vinayakram (ghatam)
EMI India CDPMLP 5306/07 (2 CDs)
RPG Music CDNF 147705/6 (2 CDs)


  1. Inaugural Speech (1'37)
  2. Rama Nannu Brovara - Harikambhoji/Rupakam - Thyagaraja (9'23)
  3. Saroja Dhala Netri - Sankarabharanam/Adi - Syama Sastri (38'44)
  1. Speech by Secretary-General U. Thant (3'59)
  2. Announcement (0'18)
  3. May the Lord Forgive (Hymn) - Composer: C. Rajagopalachari (3'01)
    w/ Harold Stramm (piano)
  4. Rangapura Vihara - Brindavana Saranga/Rupakam - Muthuswamy Dikshitar (5'24)
  5. Sarasaksha - Panthuvarali/Adi - Swathi Tirunal (13'46)
  6. Siva Siva Siva Bho - Nadanamakriya/Misra Jhampai - H.H. Jayachamaraja Wadiar (4'54)
  7. Jagadhodharana - Kapi/Adi - Purandaradas (6'17)
  8. Hari Tum Haro (Mira Bhajan) (3'05)
  9. Vadavaraya - Ragamalika (6'23)
  10. Maithreem Bhajatha - Composer: H.H. Sankaracharya (2'38)

Sound quality: very good

Recording date: 23 October 1966 (New York); CD re-issue: 1991

The recorded performance of "Saroja Dhala Netri" is truncated right at the end of the thani (where the applause begins). The beginning of "Rangapura Vihara" is also cut off. Still, it's a one-of-a-kind performance and of distinct historical valuable. I confess I just can't listen to the English hymn without cringing.

In the end, although it is clearly a landmark, and the reissue is done in a competent way, there is just too much nonsense in this recital (between the introductions and political tracks) to really be up to the standards of the best releases. The second CD is simply not very useful. This "Rama Nannu Brovara" will always be a favorite, however.

The analogous Carnegie Hall recital includes more significant material.

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T. M. McComb