Music Beyond Sound

Music Beyond Sound: The Silk String Zither
John Thompson
Toadall Sound 10001


  1. Guan Ju - "Cry of the Ospreys"
  2. Nanxun Ge - "Song of the Southern Breezes"
  3. Tiantai Yin - "Mount Tiantai Prelude"
  4. Yu Hui Tushan - "Emperor Yu's Meeting at Mount Tu"
  5. Si Shun - "Thinking of Emperor Shun"
  6. Shi Xian - "Respect the Virtuous"
  7. Shanju Yin - "Living in the Mountains"
  8. Yuge Diao - "Melody of the Fisherman's Song"
  9. Yuge - "Fisherman's Song"
  10. Wu Ye Ti - "Evening Call of the Raven"
  11. Zhi Zhao Fei - "Paired Pheasants Fly in the Morning"
  12. Qu Yuan Wen Du - "Qu Yuan Asks for Advice"
  13. Yangguan Sandie - "Thrice Parting for Yangguan"

Instrument: Qin "Night Rain over the Xiao and Xiang Rivers" (Song Dynasty)

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: 1997 (Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong)

John Thompson is presently unique in his focus on performing qin music with silk strings. Since the 1960s, qin performance has been on metal strings, in contrast to its previous history.

The present program consists of the pieces in Zheyin Shizi Qinpu (c.1491) which are different from or not included in Shen Qi Mi Pu (1425), the earliest printed qin handbook.

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T. M. McComb