Vietnam - Dan tranh

Vietnam: Tradition of the South
Nguyên Ving Bao / Trân Van Khê
Naïve Unesco (Anthology of Traditional Musics) D 8049


  1. Prelude in Xuân
    Nam Xuân
  2. Prelude in Ai
    Nam Ai
  3. Prelude in Dao
    Ngu Cung Dao (extrait)
  4. Prelude in Oan
    Tu Dai oan (extrait)
  5. Prelude in Bac
    Tay Thi
    Cô Ban
  6. Prelude in Bac
    Binh Ban Van
    Kim Tiên

Playing time: 48'

Recording date: 1975; reissued: 1993

The featured movable-bridge zither is called dan tranh and is basically similar to the Chinese zheng.

The master Nguyên Ving Bao plays this main instrument, while Trân Van Khê accompanies on ty bà (basically the Chinese pipa) for tracks #5 & 6. There is also wood block percussion.

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T. M. McComb