Korea - Kayagum Sanjo

Korean Kayagum Music: Sanjo
Chukp'a (kayagum), Kim Tong Jun (changgo)
King / World Music Library 5144


  1. Minsok P'Unru
  2. Kayagum Sanjo

Playing time: 61'44"

Recording date: 28 September 1985 (Japan)

This is a historically significant recording in the austere classical style by Kim Chukp'a (1911-1989) and Kim Tong Jun (1928-1990). The kayagum is a movable-bridge zither of larger size than the basic Chinese zheng, with 13 strings in the version played by Chukp'a. The changgo (hourglass-shaped two-faced drum) plays the role of a subtle percussion accompaniment.

The shorter opening track consists of extracts of a compsition by Chukp'a to illustrate nature & feelings in an abstract manner. Although it sounds rather different, the impetus is similar to that for the Chinese qin. The long Sanjo suite is based on varying rhythmic forms, called changdan, in six movements. These are introduced by a tasuram in free rhythm, and concluded with a cadence in free rhythm.

Sanjo was invented by Chukp'a's grandfather, Kim Ch'ang-jo (1865-1920).

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T. M. McComb