Zheng - Rao Ningxin

Lotus - Han Zheng Music
Rao Ningxin
Hugo HRP 704


  1. Lotus
  2. Ping Lake
  3. The Soul of Duyu
  4. Joyful Spring
  5. Pipa Tune
  6. Lament of Zhaojun
  7. Song of West Chamber
  8. Peach Blossom
  9. Rainy Night on Banana Panel
  10. Hair Dressing
  11. River Dragon
  12. A Piece of Gold
  13. General's Command
  14. West Tune
  15. Mountain Lament

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: February 1987 (Guangzhou)

There are four major schools of zheng in China (Han, Chaozhou, Henan, Shandong), these being related to the larger combinations of semi-classical music categorized by ethnic group or region. Within the full Han style, including various string & wind ensembles, the zheng is given pride of place. Among the zheng styles, the Han is supposed to be the most sophisticated, although the music also has "hits" popular with a wide audience.

This is also called "Confucian" music, and in many ways the Han Music school is the most characteristically Chinese, especially the zheng music. It is generally contemplative music, although with a healthy dose of emotion in various ranges.

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T. M. McComb