Parissa & Ensemble Dastan

Parissa & Ensemble Dastan Afshari / Dashti
Network 24.253 (2 CDs)


    Avaz-e Afshari by Said Farajpoori
  1. Hekayat (instrumental)
  2. Mathnavi (lyrics of Rumi)
  3. Tasnif-e Nagozir (lyrics of Rumi)
  4. Jamehdaran (lyrics of Rumi)
  5. Tasnif-e Raz-e Penhan (lyrics of Attar)
  6. Shoorideh (lyrics of Sa'di)
  7. Rohab (lyrics of Rumi)
  8. Tasnif-e Navay-e Chang (lyrics of Sa'di)
    Avaz-e Dashti by Hamid Motebassem
  1. Gilaki (lyrics of Attar)
  2. Tasnif-e Sehrafarin (lyrics of Hafez)
  3. Daramad (instrumental)
  4. Tasnif-e Chashm-e To (lyrics of Rumi)
  5. Owj (lyrics of Rumi & Sa'di)
  6. Parvaz-e Khial (instrumental)
  7. Tasnif-e Mehrgiah (lyrics of Sa'di)

Performers: Parissa (voice), Hossein Behroozinia (barbat), Said Farajpoori (kamancheh), Pejman Hadadi (tonbak, pendariq), Hamid Motebassem (tar), Behnam Samani (daff, dayreh, dammam)

Playing time: 126'

Recording date: November 2002 (Berlin)

The singing by Parissa, a top student of Karimi, is wonderful. However, there is not enough of it to make this release wholly satisfying. The ensemble playing is technically good, but is of the tightly orchestrated monolithic kind, and dominates the program by length. There is little of the intimate texture or flights of improvisation which I prefer.

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T. M. McComb