Divisions for viol

Music for a viol
Simpson / Jenkins / Locke / Ford
Wieland Kuijken, et al.
Accent 68014 [CD]
Accent 10014 [CD]


  1. Simpson: Divisions on a ground in G (two bass viols)
  2. Simpson: Divisions on a ground in F (two bass viols)
  3. Jenkins: Fantasia in G (violin, viol, harpsichord)
  4. Locke: Fantazia-Suite in C (2 bass viols)
  5. Locke: Fantazia-Suite in C minor (2 bass viols)
  6. Simpson: Division on a ground in E minor (viol, harpsichord)
  7. Jenkins: Fantasia in D minor (violin, viol, harpsichord)
  8. Thomas Ford: Pavan "M. Maines choice" (2 viols)
  9. Ford: Galiard (2 viols)
  10. Ford: The baggepipes (2 viols)
  11. Ford: Sir Charles Howards delight (2 viols)
  12. Ford: Why not here (2 viols)
  13. Ford: M. Crosse his choice (2 viols)

Performers: Wieland Kuijken (viol), Sigiswald Kuijken (viol, violin), Robert Kohnen (harpsichord)

Playing time: 50'

Recording date: May 1980; released on CD: 1987

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