Two upon a Ground

Two upon a Ground
Charivari agréable
Signum 007


  1. Christopher Simpson: Division in A (2 bass viols, guitar, organ)
  2. Simpson: Division in F (2 bass viols, organ)
  3. Tomkins: Voluntary (organ)
  4. Simpson: Division in F (2 bass viols, theorbo, organ)
  5. Godfrey Finger: Division in C (bass viol, theorbo, organ)
  6. Jenkins: Division in C (2 bass viols, theorbo, organ)
  7. Ennemond Gaultier: La pompe funèbre (theorbo)
  8. Locke: Fantazia (2 bass viols)
  9. Locke Courant (2 bass viols)
  10. Simpson: Division in G (2 bass viols, guitar, spinet)
  11. Finger: Sonata solo in G (treble viol, harpsichord)
  12. Hume: Loves farewell (bass viol)
  13. Lawes: Pavan in g (2 bass viols, organ)
  14. Lawes: Ayre 1 in g (2 bass viols, organ)
  15. Lawes: Ayre 2 in g (2 bass viols, organ)
  16. Tomkins: Prelude (harpsichord)
  17. Tomkins: What if a Day (harpsichord)
  18. Tomkins: Worster brawls (harpsichord)
  19. Hume: Pavan (bass viol)
  20. Purcell: Two in one upon a Ground (2 treble viols, theorbo, organ)
  21. Jenkins: Division in A (2 bass viols, guitar, spinet)

Performers: Susanne Heinrich (bass & treble viols), Susanna Pell (bass & treble viols), Lynda Sayce (guitar, theorbo), Kah-Ming Ng (chamber organ, spinet, harpsichord)

Playing time: 78'

Recording date: March 1998 (East Woodhay, Berkshire)

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