Willaert / Gabrieli

Venetian Music for Double Choir
Adriaan Willaert / Giovanni Gabrieli
Ensemble Currende / Concerto Palatino - Erik Van Nevel
Accent 93101
Accent 10101

Reissued in Accent 20021 (5 CDs)


  1. Willaert: Lauda Jerusalem - Psalm 147 (a 8)
  2. Willaert: Credidi, propter quod locutus sum - Psalm 115 (a 8)
  3. Willaert: Ricercar X
  4. Gabrieli: In te Domine speravi (a 8)
  5. Gabrieli: Beata es virgo (a 6; instrumental)
  6. Gabrieli: Beata es virgo (a 6)
  7. Gabrieli: Sancta et immaculata Virginitas (a 8)
  8. Gabrieli: Angelus Domini (a 8)
  9. Gabrieli: O Jesu mi dulcissime (a 8)
  10. Gabrieli: Canzon III (a 6)
  11. Gabrieli: Exultavit cor meum (a 6)
  12. Gabrieli: Sancta et immaculata Virginitas (a 7)
  13. Gabrieli: O Jesu mi dulcissime (a 8)
  14. Gabrieli: Benedictus es Dominus (a 8)
  15. Gabrieli: O quam suavis (a 8)
  16. Gabrieli: Hodie completi sunt (a 8)

Performers: Lieve Jansen, Annemie Buyle, Anne Hodgkinson, Gertie Lindemans, Marina Smolders, Lut Van De Velde (sopranos); Jan Caals, Alma Ooms, Godfried Van De Vyvere, Mieke Wouters (altos); Koen Laukens, Philip Pooley, Lode Somers, Paul van den Bempt, Jan Van Elsacker (tenors); Marnix De Cat, Bart Demuyt, Paul Mertens, Mitchell Sandler, Joost Termont (basses); Bruce Dickey, Doron Sherwin (cornettos); Harry Ries, Charles Toet, Ole Anderson, Wim Becu (trombones); Herman Stinders (organ)

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: October 1993

Adrian Willaert (c.1490-1562) was a pioneer in combining the Franco-Flemish contrapuntal style with the colorful sonorities of Italy. He worked most of his life in Venice, and had a profound influence on the subsequent musical events in that city.

A more recent program by a similar ensemble:

Adriaan Willaert and Italy
Capella Sancti Michaelis / Currende Consort - Erik Van Nevel
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Giovanni Gabrieli (1557-1612) was one of the leaders in the new genre of choral-instrumental music. His music is halfway between Baroque and Renaissance. A fine recording which illustrates multiple genres:

Gabrieli: Canzonas, Sonatas & Motets
Taverner Consort, Choir and Players - Andrew Parrott
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A sparkling recording which combines music of Andrea & Giovanni Gabrieli into a service rendition:

A Venetian Coronation 1595
Grand ceremonial music for the coronation of Doge Marino Grimani
Gabrieli Consort & Players - Paul McCreesh
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And a similar service:

Gabrieli: Music for San Rocco
Gabrieli Consort & Players - Paul McCreesh
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There are many recordings devoted to Gabrieli including those on modern instruments.

A recording devoted to a close contemporary of Gabrieli, Giovanni Bassano (c.1558-1617):

Bassano: Motets and Ecclesiastical Concerti (1598-99)
Ensemble Jacques Moderne - Joël Suhubiette
Calliope 9294

And a recording of the next generation, by the present ensemble:

Le Febure: Motteten
Currende - Erik van Nevel
Eufoda 1273

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