Holborne: Pavans, Galliards, Almains, etc.
The Dowland Consort - Jakob Lindberg
BIS 469


  1. The Choise
  2. the widowes myte
  3. Heres paternus
    Muy linda
  4. Infernum
  5. Almaine
  6. Paradizo
    The Sighes
  7. The night watch
  8. Almayne
  9. Galliard
  10. Pavan
  11. Prelude
    Quadro Pavan
  12. Pavan
  13. As it fell on a holie Eve
    Heigh Ho holiday
  14. Spero
  15. The Maydens of the Countrey
    The Spanish Pavane
    A Jyg
  16. Last will and testament
  17. Postuma
  18. Lullaby
  19. The Honie-suckle
  20. The Fairie-round
  21. Pavan

Performers: Wendy Gillespie (treble & alto viols), Sarah Cunningham (tenor & alto viols), Sarah Groser (small bass & tenor viols), Richard Cunningham (consort bass viol), Alison Crum (great bass viol), Jakob Lindberg (lute, bandora, cittern)

Playing time: 69'

Recording date: December 1989 & February 1990 (Petruskyrkan, Stocksund, Sweden)

The consort pieces on this recording are taken from Holborne's large printed collection of 1599. They were considered suitable for viols, violins, or wind instruments. Many of them are lighter in character than much of the consort output of the time.

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Holborne also wrote a substantial amount of music for plucked string instruments, together with Dowland's, the largest such output in England. Some is included on the present recording. Other such recordings:

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Holborne also wrote pieces specifically for cittern & bandora.

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