A Dance in the Garden of Mirth

A Dance in the Garden of Mirth
The Dufay Collective
Chandos 9320


  1. Istanpitta
  2. La prime estampie real
  3. La ultime estampie real
  4. La seconde estampie royal
  5. La tierche estampie roial
  6. Danse
  7. Retrouve
  8. Trotto - Salterello
  9. La quinte estampie
  10. Istanpitta 'Belicha'
  11. Istanpitta 'Isabella'
  12. Salterello

The Dufay Collective

Paul Bevan, Giles Lewin, William Lyons, Raphael Mizraki, Susanna Pell, Peter Skuce

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: November 1993

Nathan Wilkes

Bizarrely enough, I have seen the Dufay Collective's recordings filed under the composer Dufay. However, this is a recording devoted to medieval dances, in modernized versions.

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The surviving dance repertory from medieval times is rather small. Some other recordings devoted to the dances from France:

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Most of the dances on the present program are French, but some are Italian. A citation of Italian dances, leading to several other quality citations:

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Opus 111 30-142

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