Gothic Winds

Gothic Winds
Ensemble Les haulz et les bas
Christophorus 77193


  1. Heinrich de Libero Castro: Virgo dulcis
  2. Mönch von Salzburg: Das haizt dy trumpet und ist gut zu blasen
  3. Magister Grimace: A l'arme
  4. Loyset: Chose Loyset
  5. Anon (13th c.): Ballaam
  6. Anon (14th c.): Estampie
  7. Anon (12th c.): Estampie
  8. Anon (14th c.): Retrove
  9. Anon (c.1400): Saltarello
  10. Anon (c.1300): Dal be chastel
  11. Ciconia: Regina gloriosa
  12. Thomas Fabri: Ach Vlaendere vrie
  13. Anon (c.1400): Bobik blazen
  14. Anon (15th c.): Auxci bonjoure delabonnestrenne
  15. Oswald von Wolkenstein: Kum liebster man
  16. Johannes Japart: Trois filliez
  17. Dufay: Qui latuit in virgine
  18. Giovanni Ambrosio: Petit riense
  19. Anon (c.1600): Le hault et le bas
  20. Domenico da Piacenza: Anello
  21. Ffrankes: Quene note

Performers: Gesine Bänfer (shawms, bombards, trumpets), Ian Harrison (shawms, bombards, trumpets), Félix Stricker (slide trumpet)

Playing time: 54'

Recording date: August 1995

This recording is devoted entirely to reconstructions of the so-called "loud" wind repertory of this era. While music was often played by these sorts of ensembles, sources are quite fragmentary. The present program is one of the first major attempts to bring this style to life for music of the late medieval & early Renaissance periods.

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