Isaac: Virgo prudentissima

Isaac: Virgo prudentissima
Müncher Dommusik - Karl-Ludwig Nies
Christophorus 77218


  1. A la Battaglia (4 voice instrumental)
  2. Virgo prudentissima (plainchant antiphon)

  3. Missa "Virgo prudentissima" (4 & 6 voices)
  4. Kyrie
  5. Gloria
  6. Credo
  7. Sanctus
  8. Benedictus
  9. Agnus Dei

  10. Optime pastor (6 voice instrumental)
  11. Prima pars
  12. Secunda pars

  13. Virgo prudentissima (6 voices)
  14. Prima pars
  15. Secunda pars

Performers: Capella Cathedralis München: Susanne Ritter (soprano), Carola Nies (soprano), Birgit Schöberger (soprano), Gabriele Steck (soprano), Klaus Wenk (alto), Angelika Polland (alto), Andreas Hirtreiter (tenor), Wolfgang Wittkowski (tenor), Franz Körndle (tenor), Michael Wersin (tenor), Benedikt Schillo (tenor), Marcus Schmidl (bass), Tobias Schlierf (bass), Michael Mantaj (bass); Ecco la musica: William Dongois (cornet), Yoshimichi Hamada (cornet), Mattias Sprinz (sackbut), Ole-Kristian Andersen (sackbut), Cas Gevers (sackbut), Félix Stricker (sackbut), Christoph Hammer (organ)

Playing time: 62'

Recording date: October 1998 (Munich)

Heinrich Isaac (c.1450-1517) was employed by the Medicis in Florence, but left due to the death of Lorenzo. Although under the shadow of Josquin in Italy, he subsequently accepted a post in Vienna under Emperor Maximilian. The mass of the present program was featured during a meeting between Philip the Handsome of Burgundy and Mamimilian I in Tyrol in 1503. More broadly, the appointment to the future Emperor was a situation in which an entire musical culture was open to Isaac's shaping, and his influence on subsequent composition in Austria & Germany cannot be overstated.

The present recording also includes Isaac's very famous motet on Virgo prudentissima, which was apparently written later than the mass on the same theme.

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