A distant mirror - Shakespeare's music

A distant mirror - Shakespeare's music
The Folger Consort
Delos DE 1003


    John Aleyn, Old Hall Ms.
  1. Gloria

  2. Anon.
  3. Angelus ad virginem, Arundel, ms. 248

  4. Anon., Robertsbridge codex
  5. Estampie

  6. Richard Cooke, Old Hall Ms.
  7. Stella celi

  8. Maysheut, Old Hall Ms.
  9. Ave post libamina

  10. Anon.
  11. I have so longe keepe shepe

  12. Bittering, Old Hall Ms.
  13. Nesciens mater

  14. Pycard, Old Hall Ms.
  15. Gloria

  16. Guillaume de Machaut
  17. Gais et jolis

  18. Guillaume de Machaut
  19. Rose, lis

  20. Grimace
  21. A l'arme, a l'arme

  22. Johannes Vaillant
  23. Par maintes foys

  24. Anon.
  25. En l'anoureux vergier

  26. Anthonello da Caserta
  27. Notés pour moi

  28. Borlet
  29. Ma tredol rossignol

  30. Anon.
  31. Orsus vous dormez trop!

  32. Andrieu
  33. Armes, Amour

  34. Thomas Morley
  35. It was a lover and his lass

  36. Anon./Masque
  37. Witches Dance I

  38. Anon.
  39. The willow song

  40. Anon./Masque
  41. Witches Dance II

  42. Henry Purcell: Suite from the Fairy Queen (I)
  43. Prelude
    Fairies' Dance / Haymaker's Dance

  44. Henry Purcell
  45. Full fathom five

  46. Pelham Humfrey
  47. The willow song

  48. Henry Purcell
  49. Come unto these yellow sands

  50. Thomas Arne
  51. The owl
  52. Blow, blow Thou winter's wind
  53. Where the bee sucks

  54. Henry Purcell: Suite from the Fairy Queen (II)
  55. Entry Dance
    Dance for the Followers of the night

Playing time: 72' 54"

[1]-[17] The Folger Consort [Peter Becker (countertenor, psaltery, sopranino recorder), Robert Eisenstein (vielle, alto recorder), Wendy Gillespie (vielle, lute), David Gordon (tenor), Christopher Kendall (lute, harp), Elliot Levine (baritone), Scott Reiss (alto / tenor / sopranino recorders, psaltery, bells), Louise Shulman (vielle, lute)].
[18]-[29] The Folger Consort [Robert Eisenstein (viol), Christopher Kendall (lute), Scott Reiss (recorder), David Gordon (tenor), Ann Monoyios (soprano), Tina hancey (viol, viola), Linda Quan (violin), James Richman (virginals, harpsichord), Louise Shulman (violin, cittern)

Recording site and date:
Folger Library, Washington, DC, USA [09-10/1979]

Re-issue: none

Compilation: none

Excerpts: This CD was previously issued in LP format as Delos DEL-25460 for tracks [18]-[29] with other material. The same probably applies to track [1]-[17].

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