Tobias Hume: Poeticall musicke

Tobias Hume: Poeticall musicke
Captaine Humes Poeticall Musicke, London 1607 - The First Part of Ayres, London 1605
Montserrat Figueras / Paul Hillier / Hespèrion XX - Jordi Savall, dir.
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi "SCB Documenta" 1C 065 16 9533 1 [LP]
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 77165 [CD]
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (BMG) "Baroque Esprit" 77847 [CD]


  1. Start. The Lady of Sussex delight (1607)
  2. The King of Denmarks delight (1607)
  3. A French Almaine. The Duke of Lenox delight (1607)
  4. A merry Conceit. The Queens delight (1607)
  5. What greater griefe (w/ soprano) (1607)
  6. Sweet musicke. The Earle of Salisburies favoret (1607)
  7. Sweet Ayre. The Earle of Arundels favoret (1607)
  8. Fain would I change that note (1605)
  9. The Earle of Pembrookes Galiard (1607)

  10. ----
  11. The Souldiers Song (1605)
  12. An Almaine. The Lady Canes delight (1607)
  13. The Pashion of Musicke. Sir Christopher Hattons choice (1607)
  14. An Almaine. The Duke of Holstones delight (1607)
  15. Alas poore men (1605)
  16. A Masque (1607)
  17. Tobacco (1605)
  18. A Jigg for Ladies (1605)

Recording site and date:
Stiftskirche Olsberg, Kanton Aargau, Switzerland [02, 03, 05/1983]
Rel.: 1985 (LP), 19?? (77165), 2003 (77847).

Montserrat Figueras (voice), Paul Hillier (voice)
Hespèrion XX:
Bruce Dickey (cornett), Charles Toet (trombone), Pedro Nemelsdorff (flute), Lorenzo Alpert (dulcian), Jordi Savall (viola da gamba), Christophe Coin (viola da gamba), Paolo Pandolfo (viola da gamba), Hopkinson Smith (lute), Robet Clancy (lute)
Jordi Savall, dir.

Additional informations from Pierre-F. Roberge (LP)

The present program comes from the collects Poeticall Musicke (1607) and First Book of Ayres (1605), as published by the retired Army officer Tobias Hume (1569-1645).

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