The Maydenhead of Musicke
Music for the Virginals from Parthenia & Parthenia In-Violata
Gary Cooper
Dervorguilla 106


  1. Byrd: Preludium in G (Parthenia 1)
  2. Byrd: Pavana Sir William Petre (Parthenia 2)
  3. Byrd: Galiardo Sir William Petre (Parthenia 3)
  4. Byrd: Preludium in C (Parthenia 4)
  5. Byrd: Galiardo Mistress Marye Brownlo (Parthenia 5)
  6. Anon: Almain in a (Inviolata 16)
  7. John Cooper: The Lord's Masque (Inviolata 2)
  8. Anon: Irish Dance (Inviolata 3)
  9. Byrd: Pavana The Earle of Salisbury (Parthenia 6)
  10. Byrd: Galiardo Earle of Salisbury (Parthenia 7)
  11. Byrd: Galiardo Secundo Ms. Marye Brownlo (Parthenia 8)
  12. Bull: Preludium in G (Parthenia 9)
  13. Bull: Pavana St. Thomas Wake (Parthenia 10)
  14. Bull: Galiardo St. Thomas Wake (Parthenia 11)
  15. Bull: Coranto in g (Inviolata 14)
  16. Anon: The King's Morisck (Inviolata 1)
  17. Bull: Welsh Dance (Inviolata 18)
  18. Bull: Pavana in G (Parthenia 12)
  19. Bull: Galiardo in G (Parthenia 13)
  20. Bull: Galiardo in d (Parthenia 14)
  21. Bull: Galiardo in d (Parthenia 15)
  22. Anon: Almain (Inviolata 10)
  23. Anon: New Noddy (Inviolata 4)
  24. Anon: Age's Youth (Inviolata 6)
  25. Anon: Old Noddy (Inviolata 5)
  26. Gibbons: Galiardo in c (Parthenia 16)
  27. Gibbons: Fantazia of foure parts (Parthenia 17)
  28. Gibbons: The Lord of Salisbury his Pavin (Parthenia 18)
  29. Gibbons: Galiardo The Earle of Salisbury (Parthenia 19)
  30. Gibbons: The Queenes Command (Parthenia 20)
  31. Gibbons: Preludium in G (Parthenia 21)
  32. Anon: First part of the Old Year (Inviolata 7)
  33. Anon: Last part of the Old Year (Inviolata 8)
  34. Byrd: The Bells (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)

Performers: Gary Cooper (virginal), Emilia Benjamin (bass viol, tracks 6, 7, 8, 15, 16, 22, 24, 32, 33)

Playing time: 79'

Recording date: October 1993

Instrument: Virginal (muselar), Derek Adlam after Ruckers (1611), Christopher Hogwood's collection

This recording contains the complete contents (21 items) of Parthenia (1613), the first collection of keyboard music to be printed in England. In addition, several pieces are taken from the sequel Parthenia In-Violata (1625), which consists primarily of lighter items which are mostly anonymous and scored for bass viol accompaniment.

It has been suggested that Gibbons was responsible for editing Parthenia, which was prepared as a wedding gift for Elizabeth I. The primary composers of the era, Byrd, Bull, & Gibbons are represented by some of their best work in the form.

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