Corteccia: Responsories

Francesco Corteccia: Responsori per la Settimana Santa
I Cantori di Lorenzo - Filippo Bressan
Dynamic 187


    Responsories for Maundy Thursday
  1. In monte oliveti
  2. Tristis est anima mea
  3. Ecce vidimus eum
  4. Amicus meus
  5. Judas mercator pessimus
  6. Unus ex discipulis
  7. Eram quasi agnus
  8. Una hora
  9. Seniores populi

  10. Responsories for Good Friday
  11. Omnes amici mei
  12. Velum templi
  13. Vinea mea electa
  14. Tamquam ad latronem
  15. Tenebrae factae sunt
  16. Animam meam dilectam
  17. Tradiderunt me
  18. Jesum tradidit impius
  19. Caligaverunt oculi mei

Performers: Esther Castriota, Lucia Focardi (soprano); Elena Cavini, Francesco Ghelardini (alto); Alberto Castelli, Valerio Vieri (tenor); Filippo Pochini (baritone); Romano Martinuzzi (bass)

Playing time: 65'49

[14] Valley Entertainment VLEC 15 024 The best of Millenium of Music -Behold and See

Recording date: May 1998

Corteccia is best known as one of the early madrigalists, but like most composers of the time he also wrote superb liturgical music. The compositions on the present recording are among his last, having been published in 1570. With their intense mood and close attention to the Holy Week texts, they were surely a great influence on the later and more famous sets of Holy Week compositions by Palestrina, Victoria, Lassus and others.

Another program including Passion works by composers famed for their secular pieces:

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Lassus, Crequillon, Arcadelt
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A reissue of an older recording:

Corteccia: Passione secondo Giovanni
Schola Cantorum "Francesco Coradini" - Fosco Corti
Archiv Codex Series 453 163

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