Passietijd in polyfonie

Passietijd in polyfonie: Lassus, Crequillon, Arcadelt
Currende - Erik Van Nevel
Eufoda 1248


  1. Thomas Crequillon: Lamentationes
  2. Clemens non Papa: Vide, Domine, quoniam tribulor
  3. Jacob Arcadelt: Lamentationes
  4. Giaches de Wert: O mors, quam amara est
  5. Orlandus Lassus: Stabat Mater
  6. Philippe Rogier: Caligaverunt oculi mei

Performers: Currende Consort: Conor Biggs (Bass), Anne-Marie Buyle (Soprano), Jan Caals (Alto), Jan van Elsacker (Tenor), Sjef van Leunen (Tenor), Lieven Termont (Tenor); Capella Currende: Anne-Marie Buyle, Lieve Jansen, Gertie Lindemans, Dineke van der Sman (Sopranos); Nele Minten, Alma Ooms, Godfried van de Vijvere, Vincent Grégoire (Altos); Jan van Elsacker, Sjef van Leunen, Lode Somers, Lieven Termont (Tenors); Paul Mertens, Joost Termont, Walter van der Ven (Basses)

Playing time: 72'50

Recording date: May 1996

A Passion-tide program focusing on composers from the mid- to late-16th century. The recording of a substantial sacred work by Crequillon is especially welcome.

Another recording by the present ensemble featuring Crequillon:

Nicolaas Gombert and the Court of Charles V
Capella Sancti Michaelis / Currende Consort - Erik Van Nevel
Eufoda 1165

An excellent Clemens recording:

Clemens non Papa: Requiem / Palestrina: Missa Lauda Sion
Cappella Palestrina - Maarten Michielsen
Erasmus 121

Finally, another recording of Arcadelt's sacred music:

The Virgin & Christ-child
Henry's Eight - Jonathan Brown
Etcetera 1213

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