Adriano 1

Adriano 1
Dionysos Now! - Tore Tom Denys
Evil Penguin 0041 [LP]

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Performers: Terry Wey (countertenor), Bernd Oliver Fröhlich (tenor), Jan Petryka (tenor), Julian Podger (tenor), Tore Tom Denys (tenor), Tim Scott Whiteley (baritone), Joachim Höchbauer (bass)

Released: 2021

A new series devoted to Adrian Willaert. This volume features Missa Mittit ad Virginem & motets.

The next volumes:

Adriano 2
Dionysos Now! - Tore Tom Denys
Evil Penguin 0043 [LP]
Adriano 3
Dionysos Now! - Tore Tom Denys
Evil Penguin 0047 [LP]

There is also a book, Adrianotes (2022). Apparently one needs the physical book for the details of the contents....

And another release by this ensemble, devoted to (previously unknown to me) Maistre Jhan (c.1485-1538):

Live 1
Dionysos Now! - Tore Tom Denys
Evil Penguin [tbd] [EP]

Although no discussion appears to exist for that short album of Jhan's Missa Inviolata, discussion elsewhere suggests that he was French but mainly active in Ferrara. The New Grove does not list the recorded mass at all, however.

Finally, I must say that whereas the combination of digital + vinyl releases is fine with me, where this project fails so far (in terms of release strategy, I mean) is in the documentation, which is basically nonexistent from my perspective. I've struggled even to obtain catalog numbers! (But I can listen to the music, and the performances are definitely worthwhile.)

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