Monte: Laudate Dominum / Motets

Monte: Laudate Dominum / Motets
Currende - Erik Van Nevel
Eufoda 1306


  1. Benedictio et claritas
  2. Circumdederunt me
  3. Dulcis et rectus Dominus
  4. Asperges me
  5. Pulchra es et decora
  6. O bone Jesu
  7. Repleatur os meum
  8. O beatum virum Martinum
  9. Factum est silentium
  10. Gaudent in caelis
  11. Domine, deduc me
  12. Miserere mei
  13. Domine, ne in ira
  14. O Domine Deus
  15. Sancte Joannes Baptista
  16. Laudate Dominum

Performers: Anne-Marie Buyle (soprano), Amaryllis Dieltiens (soprano), Nene Geerinckx (soprano), Eva Goudie-Falckenbach (soprano), Nele Minten (alto), Hugo Naessens (alto), Godfried van de Vyvere (alto), Wouter Bossaer (tenor), Günter Claessens (tenor), Patrick Debrabandere (tenor), Lode Somers (tenor), Job Boswinkel (bass), Paul Mertens (bass), Walter van der Ven (bass), An van Laethem (violin), Hendrik-Jan Wolfert (violone), Susanne Braumann (viol), Christine Kyprianides (viol), Piet Stryckers (viol), Bart Jacobs (organ), Herman Stinders (organ)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: January 2001 (Gent)

Philippe de Monte (1521-1603) lived a life parallel to Lassus' in many ways. He was born in modern-day Belgium, worked in Italy for a time, and then settled into a post for Maximilian II Habsburg in Vienna. With the crowning of Rudolph II as emperor, de Monte moved to Prague to lead to the new Rudolphinian Orchestra. Earlier in his life, he had also traveled to London as a singer.

Like Lassus, de Monte wrote in all the genres of the era, in substantial quantity. Although better known today as a madrigal composer, he devoted himself primarily to sacred music from 1572 onward. His sacred output presently consists of 38 masses & 319 motets. Lassus and de Monte are generally regarded as the final major composers working in the Franco-Flemish polyphonic tradition.

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