The Tallis Christmas Mass

The Tallis Christmas Mass
Tallis Scholars - Peter Phillips
Gimell 034
Gimell 454 934


    Missa "Puer natus est" à 7
  1. Gloria
  2. Sanctus & Benedictus
  3. Agnus Dei
  4. Motet: Audivi vocem
  5. Magnificat
  6. Motet: Ave Dei patris filia

Playing time: 56'

Release date: 1998

[1]-[3] Gimell CDGIM 202 [CDx2] Christmas with the Tallis Scholars

Tallis' Mass on the Christmas introit "Puer natus est" is his longest polyphonic setting, and one of his most elaborate compositions. In fact, it is one of the most elaborate masses to be written in England. It was composed during the reign of Queen Mary, and was probably to be a part of the marriage ceremony between Mary and Philip II of Spain. In this piece, Tallis abandons his typically simple syllabic style and incorporates all manner of polyphonic devices. Unfortunately, the Credo survives only as a fragment.

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