Anthology of medieval music

Anthology of medieval music
Various performers
Murray Hill records X0031/5 [LPx5]

This is a set of 5 Lps previously released under different labels:

  1. Everest SDBR 3476 [LP] Medieval and Renaissance songs and dances
  2. Pye « Golden Guinea Collector GGC / GSGC 4092 [LP, mono / stereo] Medieval music
  3. Esoteric ES-521 [LP] English medieval carols and Christmas music
  4. Delysé ECB / DS 3204 [LP] French Court Music of the Thirteenth Century (aka: Medieval music and songs of the troubadors)
  5. Delysé ECB / DS 3204 [LP, mono / stereo] Renaissance music from Advent to Christmas

[LP-1] Musica Antiqua
Michael Uridge (?), dir.
[LP-2] Jaye Consort
Gerald English (tenor) & instrumentists
Francis Baines, dir.
[LP-3] New York Pro Musica
Noah Greenberg, dir.
[LP-4] Musica Reservata
Michael Morrow, cond.
[LP-5] Ambrosian Singers
John McCarthy, cond.

Playing time: ??' ??"

Recording site and date:
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Rel.: ca 1982

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