Jenkins: All in a Garden Green

Jenkins: All in a Garden Green
Consort Music
Rose Consort of Viols
Naxos 8.550687


  1. Pavan in F major (à 6)
  2. Fantasia in C minor (à 5)
  3. Divisions for two basses in C major
  4. Fantasia in C minor (à 4)
  5. Fantasia in F major "All in a Garden Green" (à 4)

  6. Newarke Seidge (à 4)
  7. Pavan
  8. Galliard

  9. Four-part ayres in D minor:
  10. Ayre
  11. Almaine
  12. Coranto

  13. Fantasia-suite in A minor (à 2, organ obbligato)
  14. Fantasia
  15. Air
  16. Corant
  17. Fantasia in C minor (à 5)
  18. Fantasia in D major (à 5)
  19. Fantasia in E minor (à 3; treble, two basses, organ obbligato)
  20. Four-part ayre in G minor
  21. In Nomine in G minor (à 6)

Performers: John Bryan, Mark Caudle, Alison Crum, Elizabeth Liddle, Roy Marks, Susanna Pell, Timothy Roberts (organ)

Playing time: 70'

Recording date: April & May 1992

John Jenkins (1592-1678) was one of the most gifted composers of music for viol consort. However, he received relatively little institutional recognition, and did not receive a court appointment until late in his life. Prior to that, he spent his time living with various noble patrons, writing consort music aimed at amateurs.

However, the latter fact should not lead one to the conclusion that his music is easy. Actually, it is startlingly difficult, and leads one to amazement over the apparent prowess of the amateur consort players of the time. In fact, Jenkins' huge output of fantasias (the most serious form; Jenkins was the most productive composer in the genre) includes many of the most contrapuntally complex examples ever written.

The present recording gives a broad selection of Jenkins music for various consort combination.

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