The A-La-Mi-Re Manuscripts

The A-La-Mi-Re Manuscripts
Flemish Polyphonic Treasures for Charles V
Josquin / De la Rue / Willaert
Capilla Flamenca
Naxos 8.554744


    Matthias Gascogne: Missa "Myn hert"
  1. Kyrie (voices)

  2. Jean Mouton & Antoine Févin
  3. Celeste benificium / Adiutorium nostrum (voices)

  4. Josquin Desprez (attr.)
  5. Proch dolor / Pie Jhesus (voices)

  6. Pierre Moulu
  7. Mater floreat (voices)

  8. Adrian Willaert: Missa "super Benedicta es"
  9. Agnus Dei (voices)

  10. Anon. (on "Myn hert")
  11. Salve Regina (voices)

  12. Heinrich Isaac
  13. Maudit soyt (alta capella)

  14. Pierre de la Rue
  15. Autant en emporte (alta capella)
  16. Myn hert altyt heeft verlanghen I (voices)

  17. Cornelis Rigo
  18. Celle que j'ay (bassa capella)

  19. Hans Newsiedler
  20. Myn hert altyt heeft verlanghen II (bassa capella)

  21. Anon.
  22. Plus oultre (voices, bassa capella)

  23. Josquin Desprez
  24. Pleine de duel (voices, bassa capella)

  25. Pierre de la Rue (attr.)
  26. Soubz ce tumbel (voice, bassa capella)

  27. Marbrianus de Orto
  28. Dulces exuviae (voices)

  29. Clauden de Sermisy
  30. Jam sauche (alta capella)

  31. Petrus Alamire
  32. Tandernaken op den Rijn (alta capella)

Playing time: 62' 05"

Capilla Flamenca [Marnix de Cat (counter-tenor), Stratton Bull (counter-tenor), Jan Caals (tenor), Christopher Kale (tenor), Lieven Termont (baritone), Bart Demuyt (baritone), Dirk Snellings (bass), Paul Mertens (bass);
Bassa capella: Gail Ann Schroeder (viola da gamba), Piet Van Steenbergen (viola da gamba), Liam Fennely (viola da gamba), Jan Van Outryve (lute);
Alta capella La Caccia: Patrick Denecker, Gunter Carlier, Mirella Ruigrok, Bernhard Stilz, Peter Van Heyghen] - Dirk Snellings, dir.

Recording site and date:
Chapel of the Irish College, Leuven, Belgium [06-07/1999]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 474-136 (October 2000)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 78/931-89 (sept. 2000)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 23/6-315 (july/august 2000)
Goldberg (#-p.):

Information from owned CD.

Pierre-F. Roberge

This program is constructed around the manuscripts written by the famous calligrapher-publisher Petrus Alamire (fl. 1497-1535), whose given name was apparently Imhoff, Imhove, or Van den Hove. He is also represented as a composer in the final track. The manuscripts he produced during this period are among the most significant of the later Franco-Flemish style.

Although the present program contains many extracts of longer works, as well as short pieces from many different genres, the interpretations themselves are frequently excellent, making it a good choice for an introductory disc.

The alta capella is outdoor wind instruments, whereas the bassa capella is quieter indoor instruments. This was a usual division in music of the 15th century.

Track #16 is incorrectly listed on the disc as being by Pierre de la Rue. This correction was made by Silvio Killian.

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