Sweelinck: Complete Keyboard Music

Sweelinck: Complete Keyboard Music
Ton Koopman
Philips 468 417 (4 CDs)

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Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621) is a well-known composer, and basically on the boundary between Renaissance and Baroque, as we've defined them for this list. Although the English influence is frequently neglected in any discussion of Sweelinck (as father of the North German organ school, for instance), this influence on his contrapuntal style was heavy and indeed easily audible after any acquaintance with both. Of course, Sweelinck also used German themes (treated in English style) as well as Italian forms and a general combination of Italian & English keyboard ideas. However, current thought views him as a natural extension of the English school, rather than as any sort of innovator -- in fact, Tilney includes works by Sweelinck in his English virginal recording, for example. Nonetheless, his compositions exhibit a high structural integrity.

Another complete citation:

Sweelinck: Complete Keyboard Works
NM Classics 92119 (9 CDs)

The nature of lengthier program is presently unknown.

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The last citation also includes music by Sweelinck's most important student, Samuel Scheidt (1587-1654), commonly regarded as the greatest German organ composer prior to Buxtehude.

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